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Start with Data. Add Analytics. End with Results

The MP CareSolutions Difference is REAL.


We know data but just as importantly, we know health care. With over five decades of first-hand health care service experience, we are uniquely qualified to solve your data analytics challenges. MP CareSolutions has a proven track record of turning data into actionable insights that lead to results. Powered by state-of-the-art tracking and predictive modeling systems, turbo-charged by out industry expertise, we can help your organization realize better outcomes and control costs.

Let our Expertise Drive Your Success.


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Improving quality with specific success in Children, Women and Behavioral Health Scores

Targeting outreach programs that achieve above average engagement rates

Designing interventions that lower NICU Admissions and Premature Birth Rates

Increasing claims first pass auto-adjudication rates by 30%

Identifying actions to reduce ED admissions by 10%

Focusing care management programs to positively impact medical costs

The Full Continuum of Data and Analytics Services

Whether you struggle to obtain timely, accurate data in a user-friendly format, wrestle with data integration, or want to get more value out of existing reams of data, we have a solution. Our team can quickly assess the current state of your organization’s data and analytics architecture and guide you to your desired state. We have extensive experience serving state agencies, as well as large and small health plans, provider practices, hospital systems, and accountable care organizations.

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360 Degree Health Care Experience:

    • Owning and Operating a leading CMA in NYS 
    • Managing an Independent Physician Association
      Owning and Operating Our Own Health Plan
    • Delivering on extensive service contracts that provide value-based quality analytics for major health plans
    • Our systems have been proven in our first-hand work, effectively managing a highly challenging population.

Data Extraction and Integration:

    • Proven ability to work with multiple data sets in standard and non-standard formats
    • Extensive experience sourcing data from payor systems, provider systems, and EMRs

Data Transformation:

    • Track record of success improving outcomes by leveraging ETL best practices
    • Ability to build real time analytics tools and reporting in multiple visual platforms
    • Design highly successful analytics programs that drive value-based contracts and quality performance

Specific Platforms and Technologies:

    • Data Management Platforms – AWS, Azure, API integration, Mirth (Nextgen Connect), and RPA
    • Visual Platforms – Tableau, PowerBI, Arc GIS
    • Customized Systems including Casetrakker & MedInsight with demonstrated ability to add actionable insights and identify interventions.
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