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Are you looking for a qualified, independent third party to complete a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) required by New York State for select Certificate of Need applications? Look no further. With decades of success reducing disparities in care, a practical scalable approach and a proven ability to fully satisfy regulatory requirements, MP CareSolutions is uniquely qualified to help your organization satisfy the HEIA requirement.


Let our team of Health Equity experts guide your organization through your HEIA!  

What is an HEIA?

The Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) is an evaluation of a proposed project’s impact on the delivery of or access to services for medically underserved groups. The HEIA is a required part of a Certificate of Need Application for healthcare facilities in New York State.

Certificate of Need Application


The ultimate goal of the HEIA is to reduce disparities in access, quality, and outcomes of care for disadvantaged groups. The HEIA is an objective, independent assessment of the anticipated impact of a project that ensures that community voices are considered. The purpose of the Health Equity Impact Assessment is to demonstrate how a facility’s proposed project affects the accessibility and delivery of services, and whether the project will enhance health equity and contribute to mitigating health disparities in the project’s service area, specifically for medically underserved groups.

Impacted Entities include:

        • Hospitals (Sole Community and Critical Access)
        • Nursing Homes
        • Midwifery led Birth Centers
        • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
        • Outpatient Ambulatory Clinics (Including RHCS and FQHCs)

Our Services

Comprehensive approach appropriately scaled to the CON project including:

  • A quantitative analysis of the service area’s demographics and the utilization of named services using multiple data sources, geographic information systems, and statistical analysis
  • An extensive and meaningful engagement with the affected communities and other stakeholders, employing multiple techniques such as interviews, community forums, focus groups, and surveys.
  • Developing proposed modifications to the project that creatively address the communities’ concerns.

Our Expertise

We offer decades of expertise understanding and addressing the needs of diverse, underserved populations making us uniquely qualified to provide Health Equity Impact Assessment Services..

A Mission driven organization singularly focused on reducing disparities and improving healthcare outcomes for underserved populations since 1970.

Serve as an Independent Third-Party as required by the Statute

Long and Strong Relationships with Systems/Providers, CBOs, and Regulatory Agencies

Solutions that build on our first-hand, 360 Degree Knowledge of Health Care including operating an IPA, Care Management Agency & a Health Plan

Our Approach

Removing obstacles and increasing opportunities requires engaging communities in identifying and addressing their health equity goals. It should leverage existing strengths of those communities.

Community Engagement

Certificate of Need

Health Equity Experts

With over 50 years of experience partnering with health care entities to reduce disparities, our aproach is informed by a deep understanding of all facets of health care and consituencies.

Data Driven

Our approach is unbiased, data-informed, and yields a high-quality product.

People Focused

We create meaningful key stakeholder and community engagement that yields actionable mitigation strategies.


The HEIA process works to reduce disparities in care by requiring an upfront analysis of the impact of any service changes for specified entities, engaging stakeholders in both understanding the possible impact and creating solutions, implementing mitigation plans as needed, and communicating and monitoring the success of these plans.

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